Beginnings Academy, arts, health, education


Beginnings Academy, arts, health, education

Admission to the Beginnings Academy is by interview and invitation following attendance at a free lecture on a variety of topics pertaining to the casting process for Broadway, television, and film.


Of approximately 3000 students interviewed yearly, less than 400 receive invitations to yearly workshops in New York, London, and Hollywood.


Lectures and interviews are conducted all across North America at more than 100 high schools, middle schools, dance studios, and theatre groups each year.


These are open to young people ages seven (7) through young adult.

Students under the age of seventeen (17) must be accompanied by their own mother or father.

Beginnings Academy, arts, health, education

Tuition fees have always been modest, and have rarely increased since the founding of Beginnings Academy in 1984.

This is a reflection of the Academy's view that personality and talent crosses all economic lines. The Academy was not designed for a student population consisting exclusively of those who can afford an expensive arts education. Our only interest is in who our students are as people, and how we can help them become successful personally, artistically, and professionally.