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Audition Prep with Seidman Academy Instructor Brennyn Lark (Eponine”, Broadway’s Les Miserables)

Classic Scene Analysis with Seidman Academy Instructor Hannah Young

(Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-on-Avon, U.K.)

Industry Critique and Feedback with Los Angeles talent representative Theo Caesar

(90210 Talent, Hollywood)



Broadway, TV, & Film Scene Study with Seidman Academy Instructor Rachel Bailit 
Instructor, Lee Strasberg Institute, Dreamworks Animation, Warner Animation   


First-hand professional guidance from leading New York casting directors in preparing for actual auditions for national commercials, television, film, Broadway and print.



Exercises, improvisations and a variety of techniques most applicable to film and the Broadway stage. Concentration on monologue work, improvisation, character and scene study.



Interpretation of ad copy (commercial dialogue) and guidance in adapting one's performance to the commercial and television camera.


Presenting oneself in a verbally expressive, open, sincere, interesting, and comfortable manner.



Voice Technique Class with Seidman Academy Instructor Jeanne Lehman

“Mrs. Potts” Broadway’s Beauty & the Beast

              “Mother Abbess” Broadway’s Sound of Music           

Every New York student will learn and practice exercises and musical pieces for improving tone and range. Special emphasis is on sensitizing children, teens and young adults to the natural limitations and vulnerability of young vocal chords, while developing vocal strength to its age-appropriate maximum.


Selected New York students will additionally develop vocal repertoire for stage and studio, including the selection, interpretation, arrangement, and rehearsal of appropriate musical material for the industry showcase, and suitable for agent presentations, Broadway auditions, and demonstration tapes for jingles and pop.


Broadway Vocals with Seidman Academy Instructor Sarah Rice 
("Joanna", Broadway's Sweeney Todd)


In New York, students can participate in a thorough, eclectic approach to Broadway, Jazz, Modern, and/orHip-Hop. Emphasis is on building a solid technique through exercises, combinations, and actual choreography taught directly from the Broadway stage, and/or from the repertoire of major dance companies. All classes are taught at beginner through advanced master levels, and are assigned according to age and skill.


Selected students will additionally learn professionally choreographed routines, solo and group, for their appearance in the industry showcase.


Creativity takes many forms, all of which share essential fundamentals. At their core, the basic means of artistic expression are universal. Artists must for example know what they are acting, singing, or dancing about and must be skilled at accessing the corresponding emotions and instincts. To assist with this process, the Academy curriculum includes professional writing instruction, provided by renowned authors and/or playwrights.



Intro to TV & Film Industry with Seidman Academy  Intructor Marnie Cooper (Hollywood On-Set Coach for Mila Kunis, Miley Cyrus, Brenda Song, etc.) Children's Coach for Director Ron Howard; How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Prominent casting directors, agents, managers, directors, producers, celebrity performers and/or specialists in various areas of the professional entertainment field conduct seminars and workshops focusing on a variety of practical, business-related topics. These always include a behind-the-scenes view of practical procedures, basic do's and don't's of the professional arts business, advice about rip-off's, and more. A question-and-answer period follows.


In New York, visiting casting directors conduct an individual reading and personal interview with every student, followed by a detailed, written evaluation of marketability and potential.

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