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The Seidman Academy

An Overview of New York, Hollywood, and London


New York

The Seidman Academy New York was founded in 1984. It’s a six-day resident arts-based Academy for children and teenagers exploring possible careers in the professional performing arts field. In addition to the highest level of artistic training, the Academy uses the arts as a vehicle for fostering healthy eating, living, and working habits and the growth of positive self-worth.


The experience includes but is not limited to thirty (30) hours of beginning, intermediate, and master-level classes in acting, voice, writing, and dance taught exclusively by currently active professionals from Broadway, television, and film (see Class Videos page). Students additionally experience a series of one-on-one coaching sessions and an individual on-site reading and/or interview with written feedback from a respected New York casting director (most recently Chad Murnane, Binder Casting; Jen Rudin, Jen Rudin Casting; and many others.)


The on-location Academy is housed in an upscale hotel in or near Manhattan. In addition to strict chaperone supervision there is round-the-clock security throughout the university campus.


The experience concludes with an industry showcase performance where students will act, sing, or dance as soloists in a prominent Off-Broadway theatre (most recently the Orpheum Theatre).


Upon returning home, each student receives a series of written artistic and personal evaluations from several of the professionals they’ve worked with as well as a professional resume formatted with the credentials they’ve earned at the Academy.



The Seidman Academy Hollywood provides a firsthand introduction to the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary for the successful pursuit of employment in film and television. Each student receives professional coaching, direction, and feedback exactly as if on-set, advanced training in acting for the screen, positive nutritional and lifestyle guidance, and an insider’s knowledge of the Los Angeles film and television industry.


All classes are taught by leading Hollywood agents and/or casting directors as well as a top on-set television/film coach (most recently Marnie Cooper). Students additionally attend a seminar including a question-and-answer session with a current television teen star (most recently Tessa Netting).


Students experience a private backstage educational tour of a leading film and/or television studio in Los Angeles and participate in the studio audience during a live taping of one or more major television series and/or game shows (pending production schedules and age-appropriate programming). 


Academy students are housed in a luxury hotel in the heart of Hollywood where they are strictly supervised at a ratio of four students per chaperone.



The Seidman Academy London includes a week of professional instruction with a variety of noted British actors, writers, and directors. These include cast and production members from noted BBC television series such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Crown, Downton Abbey, and many others.


Students additionally travel to Stratford-on-Avon where they attend a masters-level performance workshop with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company followed by attendance at a major RSC production.


 London Academy students also participate in privately guided educational tours of London and Stratford with locations including Shakespeare’s home, Tower of London, British Museum, National Gallery, Harry Potter film sites, and more.


Academy students are housed at a luxury hotel in the heart of London where they are strictly supervised at a ratio of four students per chaperone.

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